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Jet Boats

Safety first! That’s why at Skeena River Lodge we use only the best equipment available. Our Jet Boats are all custom made for our type of guiding. We run Outlaws, Wolfmade, Harbercraft and Alumafix boats. Some of our jet boats have teflon bottoms so we can go to fishing spots, most other boats can’t go.



We also use AIRE self bailing white water rafs. 13, 12 and 10 footers. This is the best and safest raft out there. It allows us to navigate around the many big boulders and rapids, in search of Salmon and Steelhead. At Skeena River Lodge we believe only the best equipment will do when you are pursuing the fish of a lifetime.




Ford F150 Crew Cab

We drive Ford f150 crew cab trucks, to transport you comfortably from the Lodge to the rivers we fish for the day. The Fords have a very dependable 4×4 system so we don’t get stuck launching the boats in tough places. But our clients really love the spacious leg room in the back where you can rest your legs, after a day’s fishing.