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At Skeena River, we are proud to be a “fly fishing only” lodge! For us fly fishing is a way of life! We are experts with Spey and single handed fishing methods for the elusive steelhead and all 5 species of pacific salmon. It is all possible with Skeena River Lodge!

Fly fishing is always challenging for steelhead and salmon. You have to work hard for that fish of a life time! Whether fly fishing for the elusive Steelhead or the mighty King (Tyhee/Chinook) some days it can be very tough and other days it all looks so easy.

The fly fisher who is pursuing the wild steelhead or salmon of BC must possess many skills, the most important of which are endurance and passion. Especially when Mother Nature is not co operating, it is important to be flexible and always willing to work hard for your fish.

The scenery is breathtaking. It is as if you are fly fishing in a painting. Moose, bears and wolves are common companions along the river. Bald eagles soar among the snow capped mountains, watching every move we make.

Our steelhead and salmon fishery is special and unique to this part of the world. We spend long days on the river in search of mighty salmon and steelhead. Often these glacial fed rivers are shrouded in fog and always surrounded by pristine forests. There is a magic in this pure, unpolluted air that will keep you coming back to beautiful Northern British Columbia.