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Lodge & Camp

Skeena River Lodge offers accommodations at two separate sites.

Main Lodge

The main lodge is situated in close proximity to the Skeena, Kitimat, Copper (Zymoetz) and Kalum (Kitsumkalum) rivers. The Lodge is sitting on seven acres of private land, surrounded with Crown land! We are only a 20 minute drive from the Terrace Airport and the city of Terrace. This location provides accommodation for six to eight anglers in a handcrafted post and beam cabin.IMG_3197



Our rustic cabin provides all the basics to ensure you are well rested and well fed. We have hot showers, comfortable single beds along with simple, wholesome home-cooked meals to ensure you eat well and get a good night’s sleep. We are all about fishing, not fancy. Don’t expect champagne or roast duck but you can count on a nice steak or lasagne. Because we aren’t fancy, we don’t charge fancy prices. We are focussed on the fishing, and that is why we are a real fly fishing lodge.


 Nass Base Camp

Our remote Nass Base Camp is located on the banks of the Beautiful Meziaden lake close to the Alaskan border. This base camp use to be a tent camp, but now we own a very nice 1700 sqf Log home with a guide cabin on the side. We run this camp only in September and October. This Lodge is a no nonsens steelhead programme. We fish the Bell Irving river and other secret rivers what will guarantee you a real Northern BC steelhead adventure!

Because a quality angling experience is our top priority, we only allow four anglers per week in our camp. This two angler per guide ratio guarantees you top notch service.

The Skeena River Lodge experience not only offers an unequalled fly fishing adventure in a breathtaking environment. We also provide the angler with priceless knowledge about the fishery here in BC. Our guides can offer you detailed Spey/ single handed casting instruction as well as sharing their knowledge about specific fishing situations such as fly selection, sink tip usage, line control and presentation methods. Our guides will provide you with all the ingredients needed to land that trophy fish of a lifetime.