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Our fly fishing season begins near the the end of March and continues until the beginning of November.

In late March the spring run of steelhead start migrating up river entering the Kalum, Kitimat, lower Skeena and countless remote coastal rivers. We will pursue this run of fish until the middle of May.

After the spring run steelhead, the mighty Kings (Spring/Tyhee) start to migrate up river on their way to there natal streams. These are the big fish, arriving with the high tides. They have one thing on there mind. Now it is a challenge to intercept them and seduce them with a well presented fly. Once hooked you will never forget the unbelievable power of a fresh chrome king just hours, sometime minutes from the Ocean, still covered in sea lice. They will put your fly gear to the ultimate test!

Generally from the middle of June till the end of July fly angler will have the best opportunity to hook one of these giants of the river.

Fresh out of the ocean these are the hardest fighting toughest salmon and steelhead in the world.

When July starts all five species of Pacific Salmon (king, chum, sockeye, pink and coho) start entering the rivers. With the countless rivers we are able to guide on you will have a chance to purse any or all of the five species of salmon.

In August the summer run steelhead begin their upstream migration, entering the lower Skeena bound for their home rivers like the famous Kispiox, Sustut and Babine. Fresh from the ocean, we will intercept these steelhead when they are at their physical peak. Now is the best time to hook that trophy fish of a lifetime! Following the steelhead, are the big Northern Cohos which can weigh over 20 pounds.

September and October provide the opportunity to fish the Bell-Irving and Skeena Rivers for summer run steelhead in a pristine wilderness setting.